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There is copious legislation in force that protect an employees legal right to health and safety at work which if breached will give a Sydney work accident lawyer the right to issue legal proceedings on behalf of an employee claiming damages for personal injury suffered in an accident at work. Some of the legislation is specific to certain industries however most of the legislation is of a general nature and will cover all places of work in almost every industry.

Safe System of Work

Probably the most important legislation which is frequently used by Sydney work accident solicitors underlines the legal responsibility of an employer to guarantee that the place of work, including all the tools, equipment and systems of work that are used are safe and do not place employees at unacceptable risk. Any employee injured as a result of an employer failing to comply with these regulations can take legal action for compensation in an accident at work claim.

Safe Place of Work

There are numerous regulations relating to safety, breach of which can give rise to an accident at work claim in Sydney. As general examples an employee must not be exposed to dangerous chemical fumes or allowed to operate potentially dangerous machinery without proper training or protective safety gear. In addition an employer is also bound, by law, to conduct regular inspections and repairs in order to keep machinery in safe working order. Employers are also required to pay attention to the floors and traffic routes of their factories and other places of business including offices and canteens. There must be adequate drainage facilities to prevent pools of water that could lead to slips and falls. Other concerns are sudden slopes or structural flaws, such as a rickety staircase or faulty traffic routes. Under these regulations employers must also look at workplace temperature and whether there are enough facilities and provisions for the workers’ comfort. This includes food facilities, a place for rest, sanitary conveniences and adequate space. Health and Safety training workshops must also be conducted, and special guidelines given for minors (those 18 years old or below) and pregnant women.

Risk Assessment

Legislation relating to risk assessment makes it the responsibility of the employer to identify unacceptable risk to the safety of employees and to remedy or prevent that potential risk. The responsibility of the employer increases with the identified degree of risk.

Training & Instruction

Legislation requires employers to ensure that any equipment is properly used according to its intended purpose and that employees are trained in its use. Under these regulations machines must also have emergency stop buttons, fixed guards, safety rails and warning labels.

Sydney Work Accident Solicitors

These conditions and a number of other industrial diseases can be dealt with by our Sydney work accident solicitors. Our solicitors operate the no win no fee scheme and if you instruct our Sydney work accident compensation lawyers to deal with your claim you will be certain that you are receiving high quality legal representation. To contact our advocates just use the helpline or complete the contact form or email our offices.

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