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A defective product claim arises when a manufactured item is faulty usually as a result of an inadequate manufacturing processes or as a result of poor design. All manufactured goods potentially fall into this category if they are faulty and cause personal injury in normal usage when being employed in the way that was intended however the broad categories of most actual product liability compensation claims include consumer goods, food products, bio-medical devices and general manufactured goods. It is now considerably easier for a Sydney injury compensation lawyer to make a successful defective product claim than it was prior to enactment of the Trade Practices Act.

Trade Practices Act

The modern development of the law relating to product liability compensation started in 1932 following judgement in the defective product claim of Donahue v Stevenson in the United Kingdom. In that case a woman suffered food poisoning as a result of drinking a bottle of lemonade that had been bought by her friend. The court indicated that even though there was no contractual relationship between her and the shopkeeper who sold the drink to her friend she would never the less succeed in a claim for damages.


A defective product claim almost always arises as a result of four categories and in each and every case a victim who suffers harm should instruct a Sydney compensation lawyer to make a product liability claim :-

  1. defective design - inherent danger due to poor design
  2. faulty manufacture - usually due to lack of effective quality control
  3. negligent surveillance – failure to warn when defects are discovered after sale
  4. inadequate warnings – insufficient instructions provided on normal usage


Legislation, common law and case law are now in accord in the definition of substandard goods which are those manufactured or processed items that are below the standards of safety that consumers are entitled to expect. This definition does not however cover goods of mere poor quality and it should be noted that newer and safer versions of consumer products do not automatically make older versions of the same product unsafe.

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