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Industrial disease claim settlements in are now one of the major fields of litigation law with specialist Sydney compensation lawyers often dealing with nothing else but just one specific type of claim. Our Sydney Occupational Illness Solicitors are true experts and are hard to beat due to their in depth knowledge of the narrow topic of occupational illness in which they specialise:-

    RSI Repetitive Strain Injury Industrial Disease Claim

    This occupational illness is caused by continual motion of the muscles whilst under stress in more or less the same configuration without adequate rest periods. The work carried out need not be heavy and is often contributed to by poor posture. It can cause problems in different parts of the body including the hands, fingers and the thumb.

    Vibration Injury Industrial Disease Claim

    Various conditions come under this general description including whole body vibration syndrome (wbvs), hand arm vibration syndrome (havs) and vibration white finger (vwf). This injury is caused by repeated exposure to vibrating equipment usually in cold conditions and mainly affects the extremities. The condition cannot be treated and sufferers should cease contact with the equipment that is to blame immediately upon diagnosis.

    Respiratory Disease

    This global description encompasses all manner of occupational illness including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd), occupational asthma, chronic bronchitis, industrial emphysema and byssinosis as well as lung cancer and some of the asbestos related diseases. It also includes pneumoconiosis and silicosis caused by exposure to dust. Almost without exception these diseases are caused by exposure to gasses and particles in dirty environments that could have been prevented by the use of adequate ventilation and extraction.

    Industrial Deafness

    Notwithstanding massive campaigns and draconian legislation this occupational illness remains a major legal industry with thousands of industrial disease claim settlements. Employers who fail to provide adequate ear protection in a noisy environment which causes industrial deafness are liable to pay compensation.

    Asbestos Related Disease

    New cases of asbestos related disease are still very common with the numbers continuing to rise due to the latency of as much as 30 years between exposure and symptoms. The main conditions caused by exposure to asbestos fibres include asbestosis, mesothelioma, pleural disease and lung cancer.

    Work Induced Stress

    This has been a difficult legal topic for decades however in the last few years there have been quite a number of successful industrial disease claim settlements against employers particularly those who were aware of the sensitivities and vulnerabilities of a particular member of staff notwithstanding which the employer still placed that employee in a difficult or stressful environment with the inevitable result of a relapse of a pre-existent psychiatric condition.

    Skin Disease

    This description of occupational illness encompasses contact dermatitis (irritant contact dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis), urticaria, follicle abnormalities, skin infections, pigment disorders and neoplasms (cancers). All of these conditions are avoidable by the use of gloves, barrier creams and most important of all, care in handling dangerous substances.

Sydney Occupational Injury Solicitors

Our Sydney occupational illness solicitors operate the no win no fee scheme and if you instruct our compensation lawyers to deal with your claim you will be certain that you are receiving high quality legal representation. To contact our advocates just use the helpline or complete the contact form or email our offices.

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