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Employers as well as employees usually overlook or fail to recognise that there are many statutory provisions that can result in a Sydney employer being held liable to pay an employee compensation in a solicitors industrial injury compensation claim in the event of an accident occurring while at work.

Occupational Illness

Many industries in Sydney have procedures that despite being outdated are still being used and expose employees to unnecessary risk. Examples of this are injuries with regards to mesothelioma, asbestosis, industrial deafness, vibration white finger and repetitive strain injury. There are many other industrial illnesses that are still common where the risk has been known for decades however employers still fail to adequately protect their work force as is required law. It is important that an affected employee takes legal advice from a Sydney Industrial Accident Solicitor on injury claim settlements as soon as that employee becomes aware of an injury as the statute of limitation does apply to these cases.

Trips and Slips at Work

Employers in Sydney are bound by law to make sure that the walk ways, access ways and exits to and from places of work are consistently safe. This means making sure that there are no defects and no obstructions or spillages that could make the floor unsafe. An employee who suffers an injury because the employer failed in this responsibility will most likely succeed in an industrial injury compensation claim against an errant employer.

Manual Handling Regulations

Employers have a duty to minimise manual handling operations by maintaining those operations that involve manual handling at a low level wherever reasonably possible. Where manual handling is unavoidable, employees should also be given adequate training and employers should make sure that the loads being pushed, pulled, lifted or lowered by employees are not too bulky, heavy or sharp or have strange centres of gravity that could increase the risk of accidents. Employers are required to carry out risk assessments in regards to almost all situations that may potentially involve manual handling and to minimise risk accordingly.

Defective Machinery

All of the equipment in the Sydney workplace should be suitable for its particular purpose. If there are any defects in the equipment that would cause any injury then the employer will be liable and must pay for damages in an industrial injury compensation claim. Additionally, if the equipment is not compatible for the job or the employee did not get any training for the use of the said equipment and it leads to an injury then the employer will be liable.

Vicarious Liability

One should remember that the employer is liable for all of the acts of his employees whilst they are working which is known as vicarious liability. It is up to the employer to ensure that co-workers are competent and up to the job in hand. This means that if an employee who is driving a fork lift truck collides with another employee due to negligence and causes personal injury then it is the employer who is liable for those injuries.

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