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When someone has been injured in an accident in Sydney, especially when it was the fault of another person, they have the right to make a claim for compensation. A Sydney compensation lawyer will claim against a negligent third party however in reality it is usually an insurance company that deals with the matter and eventually pays appropriate damages to the injured person. Assuming that liability is not an issue, the compensation lawyer acting on behalf of the injured client will either agree the amount of compensation with the third party solicitor or will take the matter to a court of law for a judge to assess the level of damages to be paid.

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It should always be born in mind when settling a Sydney accident claim is that the third party insurers have a responsibility to their shareholders to maximise profits for the company. This means that if you are not represented by your own compensation lawyer you are likely to be offered bottom of the range settlements indeed perhaps no settlement at all if the third party insurers think that they can get away with. If you are represented by a solicitor then the insurers must pay reasonable and fair damages and in addition it is incumbent on them to also pay any legal costs that you may have incurred for professional representation by a compensation lawyer to get a reasonable settlement. This means that compensation can be paid in full with no deductions by your lawyers who get paid for their time by the third party insurers as a separate unconnected item.


There are occasions when the negligent third party (the defendant in an accident claim) does not have any insurance, however that person will never the less still be responsible on a personal basis for payment of any damages and costs that may be awarded.


If you have been injured and you intend to instruct a Sydney compensation lawyer to pursue damages in an accident claim, one of the most important aspects to ensure that you win your case is evidence preservation. This involves a number of different actions the most important of which is for the potential claimant to make a detailed written statement of the circumstances of the accident immediately after it happens and thereafter to keep a diary of subsequent events. Witness details should be recorded or obtained and your compensation lawyer should take signed statements as soon as possible after the event. Photographs of the location and of the damaged property and injuries should be obtained and the healing process should be documented photographically.


Our no win no fee compensation claim agreement pays compensation in full with no deductions and we will never ask you to fund or finance your claim as it proceeds. If we lose, you pay nothing and if we win you pay nothing. Win or lose there is no charge and there is therefore no risk whatsoever to the client.


When you suffer an injury – whether it occurs at home, on your daily commute, in your workplace or even when you are out having fun with friends – it’s useful to know if you are eligible to make a claim for compensation. The truth of the matter is that without the help of a qualified compensation lawyer it can be quite difficult to find out if you can pursue this particular legal action and if in the long term, it will be worth the time and effort for you to go through the whole legal process.


An experienced compensation lawyer will be able to give you the information, advice and assistance that you need. You will receive an assessment with regards to your chances of winning a potential personal injury case and will be given an approximation of the value of your potential claim. It must however be remembered that the accuracy of the assessment will only be as good as the information that is provided.


Each particular incident possesses its own unique set of circumstances and facts. The issue of determining in advance whether or not a specific case will succeed is very subjective. The ability of a compensation lawyer to swiftly and accurately determine if a claim for personal injury compensation will succeed depends on that particular solicitors ability and experience as much as the facts of the case. You should contact a compensation lawyer who is best qualified to help you rather than the hit and miss method of dropping in on your local high street solicitor who may or may not have the requisite experience and expertise. There are many law firms that specialise in the field of personal injury compensation claims that do nothing else.

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Our solicitors operate the no win no fee scheme and if you instruct our Sydney accident compensation lawyers to deal with your claim you will be certain that you are receiving high quality legal representation. To contact our advocates just use the helpline or complete the contact form or email our offices.

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